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Unifi mongodb repair

May 09, 2018 · The following packages have unmet dependencies: mongodb-org : Depends: mongodb-org-server but it is not installed Depends: mongodb-org-mongos but it is not installed Depends: mongodb-org-tools but it is not installed unifi : Depends: mongodb-server (>= 2.4.10) but it is not installed or mongodb-10gen (>= 2.4.14) but it is not installable or ....

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Nov 15, 2018 · Honestly, I'd probably just start defaulting access points and then adopt them on a new controller, especially if they are on-site. From what I read from your link it assumes you already have admin access to whatever MongoDB you are trying to get into but I am not a DB master, let alone on MongoDB..

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Method for an older server with a 32 bit OS and probably a very old version of UniFi Controller: The difficulty here is most MongoDB tools are 64-bit only, so this took me a while to.

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UniFi Controller Fix MongoDB DB Level 1) Check logs in /var/log/unifi/ for clear errors 2) stop unifi service (systemctl stop unifi) 3) Potentially recover the crashed mongodb database (was crashed in my case) by starting it once from cmdline with a custom data directory (mongod --dbpath /var/lib/unifi/data/db).

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As far as I can tell, mongod --repair should be able to fix these kind of errors, but only if the fixes have been installed. According to the repair documentation, that only applies to Mongo DB 4.0.3 and later. Therefore the ultimate fix will be to upgrade to Mongo DB 4.0.3 or later. To restart the UniFi service: sudo service unifi restart To see the status of UniFi service: sudo service unifi status We strongly recommend staying with the stable release, but for those users who wish to do otherwise, click here to expand and see possible suite names, as well as code names in the table within..

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Step 1: try to get the backups off the Cloudkey using WinSCP. Login to the CK IP, accept any certificates and browse to data/autobackup. Copy everything off the key just in case. If you have no backups here, put that in your notes to turn on when you have a working CK. You'll need these if you have to do the emergency recovery later.

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